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Florida Christmas

I was able to spend a couple of weeks with my family in Florida this year for Christmas. We stayed in Daytona Beach, but took trips into Orlando to visit Universal Studios and Disney World. The weather was very nice, mostly in the 70s which is great for December! I spent a lot of time on the beach taking pictures of the birds – there were plenty to look at.


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Burning Man 2014!

I’m currently ‘decompressing’ from this year’s trip (#11!) to Black Rock City – lots of bruises, scratches, and even a broken toe this time from an unfortunate bicycle accident. Regardless, it was an amazing adventure as always. BRC is getting bigger and bigger each time, I heard this year had more than 70k participants.

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Oregon Adventure!

I just returned from a fun little weekend trip to Oregon to visit my mother Antje and step-dad Ernie at their ‘Road’s End’ farm.  Mom’s in the business of breeding Papillions, so lots of cute puppy photos below (as well as lots of other animals at their farm)… there’s nothing more fun than throwing a stick and watching twenty adorable puppies go after it.

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