Daytime HDR

While everyone else was watching the Super Bowl, I decided to take a daytime walk and see what I could capture with HDR. I’m not really much for sports, and the walk greatly helped my hangover from Panagea’s Saturday night ‘bottle service’! Ugh, my head still hurts though.




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6 thoughts on “Daytime HDR

  1. adam

    I think these would work better if you could find a way to eliminate the glow surrounding contrasty parts – e.g. the tall building on skyline, the handrail next to river in foreground

  2. Janus Post author

    Agreed – the glow is an artifact from the Photomatix HDR process, which can be removed with enough tweaking. I was a bit lazy on this last set 🙂

  3. Will Leverett

    Janus, these are fantastic. I’m a (very) novice photographer and Taylor B shared your site with me. These are very slick!

    Hope you are doing well,

  4. Antje

    Janus, these are all great shots, very artistic and with a wonderful quality. Keep em coming!!!
    Looks like you inherited another gift from mom!!

  5. Sonu

    Some great shots there…the halos through the photomatix process can be annoying at times, but the processing on these are great.

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