Model Shoot

Kevin and I are shooting like crazy these days, I can barely keep up with the processing work now.  Here are some great shots of [removed by request] taken a couple of weeks ago, more to follow when I get some editing time!

[7/2014- Images removed by request]

Model Shoot – Laura Paslo

It feels like spring is already arriving here in Texas, and that means it’s time to break out the camera again!  Kevin and I have at least 6 shoots lined up for February and March, which hopefully means lots of great material for my portfolio.

We had our first shoot in quite some time this last Sunday, with beautiful barista and bookworm Laura Paslo.  Here are my first edits from the shoot (more to come soon!)…

St. Maartin

I’m wrapping up my fun-filled vacation by spending a couple of weeks in the Caribbean with family and friends, on one of the smaller islands ‘Saint Martin’ which is half French and half Dutch (literally – there’s a border). It’s wonderful here, except for the almost total lack of internet connectivity (probably a good thing really). My tan is amazing!