HDR: Downtown Austin

Last night, I went on a short photowalk with another photographer buddy of mine, Kevin Gliner. I took about 20 pictures all within a block of where I currently live, mainly to teach HDR basics to Kevin and gather some fresh material to demonstrate the processing techniques Trey taught me. I wasn’t really expecting to get any good shots, but I surprisingly ended up with a few keepers:




Model Shoot – Jessica Bruce

Yesterday, Trey and I had another fun photo shoot. About half of these photos were taken in The Good Life Barber Shop, and the rest in the area around 5th and Brazos. Now that I’ve finally purchased a good flash setup and have had quite a bit of time for practice, I’m getting much better results!


Don’t forget to check Stuck In Customs for Trey’s shots of Jessica!

Model Shoot – Jessa of Austin

Recently, I had my first shot at taking pictures of a model, a beautiful young lady named Jessa. Although I’m quite pleased with the results, it is very apparent that I need more practice… lighting is everything, and to date I have very little experience with flash photography. Fortunately, my friend Trey doesn’t mind showing me the ropes!


You can find more photos of Jessa on Model Mayhem, and on Trey’s photoblog when he gets around to posting them.

My new HDR hobby

I’ve been wanting to get back into photography for awhile, and by coincidence I ended up meeting Trey Ratcliff, a well-known photographer who specializes in a type of photographic technique called ‘High Dynamic Range’, or HDR. Trey has a fantastic blog on this subject (‘Stuck in Customs‘) that shows off some of his amazing work, and he’s written a great tutorial that can teach you the basics if you’re interested in this sort of thing.

Trey has been tutoring me lately on the ins and outs of HDR, and although I’m still a complete beginner, I’ve managed a few decent pictures which I thought I might share.