Shanghai is ‘mafan’

A great word to know if you ever visit Shanghai is ‘mafan’, which basically means ‘annoying’ or ‘troublesome’. Everything here is quite a bit more mafan than I’m used to. For example, there is serious construction going on everywhere around me, including right above my friend Matt’s apartment where I’m staying. Every morning I wake up to ‘bam-bam-BAM’ ‘zzzzRRRRRRzzzz’ and other wonderful sounds – the noise is unbelievably loud, so I’ve started sleeping with my headphones on which helps a little.

Regardless of the mafan here, I’m having a fantastic time – Matt and his girlfriend Vicky have been showing me around this massive, chaotic city, and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it (except perhaps the morning parts).

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  1. These photos you’re getting are really quite incredible. Can’t wait to see more when you get back! Sorry there are so many ‘mafan’ things you’re encountering. Maybe it will cause you to appreciate your quiet apartment even more! 😉

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